• By Alex Pietrangelo, St. Louis Blues & Dan Hamhuis, Dallas Stars

    • Defending face-offs in your end zone involves not just the center but all of his teammates around him. Everyone has to defend the draw. Not all of the responsibility is on the guy taking the draw. - Alex
    • There is a lot going on in the D zone....a lot of responsibility for the D especially if the draw is lost. -Dan
    • Everything has to be organized. What will forwards do? What reads will defence make? Teammates have to know where to go if center wins it backhand or loses it backhand. - Alex 
    • Everyone has to be continually talking. The center- the goalie-the wingers-the defence. - Dan
    • In D zone-If you can start with puck you are limiting the opposition from scoring. Winning gives you an opportunity to get the puck out of your end zone. If the face-off is won, the D’s role is to make an outlet pass as soon as possible. - Alex
    • Always think worst case scenario in defensive zone draw. Making the right read is strategic. Know exactly where you are going in all possibilities off the draw. - Dan
    •  D’s first responsibility is to pick up his check. He always has to look for switches. If he needs to call off a center...sometimes it gets pretty confusing...especially if the team has plays drawn up against your team. There has to be a lot of communication. You have to know the game plan for sure. - Alex
    • You need quick instant communication from everyone. They have to be talking right away. If you don’t communicate, one of the forwards from the other team is going to set a pick and the puck is going to end up in your net. - Dan

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