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    What to do on a Breakaway

    January 3, 2017 Jim Webster & Chico Resch

    What a great thrill to be set free from all opposition players- even your teammates are out of your way. You are all alone. No checkers, no defense to knock the puck off your stick or you off your skates. It is an exhilarating feeling as you drive toward the goalie...the pressure quickly builds...a goal and you’re a hero...a miss and you are a bum.

    What will happen?

    What Goes through the Player’s mind? 

    By Jim Webster

    1) Look up at the goalie as soon as you can! Gather information early on his positioning.

                - is he way out or is he back in deep? Is he holding his glove low? Is he showing 5-hole?

    2) Are you completely clear of the back checker? Can you pull the puck back to the side to shoot or might your stick be lifted?... if this is possible then you have to keep your stick in front of your body and try to deke the goalie.

    3) Give the Goalie false information…

    - if you are carrying the puck straight in front of you, he is playing you to deke. If you are carrying the puck beside you, he is playing you to shoot. 

    - so if you want to shoot, carry it in front of you until the very last minute then pull it back and shoot. If you want to deke, carry it in on the side, maybe a fake shot, then pull it in front for the deke you want to make.

    - The goalie wants to get out and be backing-up as fast as you as you come upon him. Be ready to slow down quickly or speed up quickly. He can’t speed up or stop his momentum half way in.

    4)  There are 3 places to shoot on a breakaway –

    • Just over his pad on the stick side… 
    • Just over his glove-side shoulder

     (his blocker and stick-butt cover the area high on his stick side and his glove gets everything high over the pad on that side, including inside the post).

    • 5 hole… 

    Note: If you are in too close to shoot, and/or are being rushed from behind, pull it quickly across his body to his glove side to get him to open his legs, and then slide it back between his legs.  

    Remind yourself:

    • We have a choice each time we think - to think positively or negatively. We must select empowering, confidence-building thoughts to program our brain - blocking the negative and repeating the positive, e.g. I can do it, I can do it! I know I can do it!
    • You have to see yourself doing it first, and then you have to believe you can do it because you have done it over and over in your head and in practice.

                -           you have watched the goalie… You know what you will try if you get the chance.

    • Give yourself reason to have confidence - your heart has to believe you can do it - why - because you have worked hard on it in practice over and over again - You have given yourself reason to believe and what your heart believes is what you can achieve!

    You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.  - Michael Jordan


    What’s the goalie thinking?

    By Chico Resch 

    Analyze the entire situation and the shooter. Is it clear cut? Is there back pressure from a teammate?

    Will he have time and space to make multiple dekes and from one side to the other? Will he be able to slow down? Where is he coming from…left or right side? Will he be cut off from coming across the crease?  Does he have a lethal shot? What has he done in the past? What does your book say about him?


    Now you have to go internally and talk to yourself….:”stay calm! Don’t over-react! Don’t be too anxious or over-aggressive. Don’t react to the first deke-deception! Don’t bite. Stay strong and cool. Let your senses take over…Watch…alert…be confident…stay in position to react…stay big in your position…the final battle is the goalie with himself…has to rely on his training…rely on past successes…confident in positioning…try to get forward to go to your strength by offering him space on your strong side…

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