Join us for an opportunity to re-connect with former teammates, establish new friendships, enjoy camaraderie, and participate in supporting fellow alumni facing life’s challenges.

Since April, 2020 monthly Zoom Chapels, and bi-weekly discussion groups have inspired a love for God and genuine care for one another. 

“As iron sharpens iron, we sharpen one another. Love the camaraderie…Lots of fun.”  - Paul Henderson

“Seeing old friends and teammates for the first time in decades is like finding our old family once again…Shared memories and teasing… it has felt like being back in the dressing room.” - Michel Dion

“I have experienced encouragement, renewed strength and peace knowing that fellow alumni are praying for us as my wife, Janet goes through the difficult journey of Alzheimer's.” - Chuck Luksa

"Hockey players across different generations have a unique bond. It is a special and enriching experience to have players from different backgrounds and different eras share their stories and how their faith has impacted their lives." - Bob Smith

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Below you'll find testimonies from some of the speakers we've had at our sessions: