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     Christian Hockey Camps 45th Camp Season 

    2021 Registration is open!

    Overnight and Day Camps for Boys and Girls Ages 9-17

    World Class Hockey Instruction 

    Pro Hockey Instructors

    Training in Christian Living 

    "I have been a coach at these camps for several years and I believe in
    what they are all about. They are a great place for Campers to learn
    to play hockey and at the same time learn about the Christian Faith."

    Eric Fehr, Minnesota Wild, NHL

    33 week-long Christian Hockey Camps in 6 countries.

    USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

    600 volunteers give their time to make these camps happen.

     NHL players and coaches join because they believe in the program.

                        Since 1977: Over 66,000 camp attendees

    Training programs blend physical, mental and spiritual conditioning, preparing players   to win in the overall game of life. 

    Campers make new friends, develop their hockey skills and discover that the Christian faith is relevant in their daily lives.

    Professional players, coaches and counselors provide positive role models.   

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    FAQS Camper Forms | Volunteer Forms | Camper Fund