"Within these covers, you have the ideal hockey lovers' combination: life-changing words 
    spoken and written twenty centuries ago and the affirmation from those on  the biggest  hockey stage that you can play this fast, gritty, collision sport and hold fast to a faith as  bright as the lights above you."  - Mike 'Doc' Emrick, NBC Lead Announcer

    Breakaway contains the New Testament interspersed with the inspiring journeys of 20 hockey stars including: Matt Duchene, David Backes and many more.

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    Jouer Pour Gagner 

    Les athlètes professionnels présentent des histoires de vie intéressants. Les histoires dans cette livre sont une sourced'inspiration - sur la victoire face à l'adversité ; d'autres se concentrent plus sur la lutte où la victoire est plus   insaisissable. Mais toutes ces histoires ont un seul thème en   commun: ils sont des histoires sur les hommes et les femmes pour lesquelles haut niveau de le hockey amateur et   professionnel a servi à façonner leur croyance dans le Dieu chrétien qui est là à travers toutes les luttes, à travers chaque victoire et à travers chaque défaite - la croyance en     un Dieu qui nous aime, quoi qu'il arrive.

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    Toward the Goal

    Here is a book packed with the inspiring life stories of eight NHL hockey players. Some of these players share stories of victory in the face of adversity; others focus on struggle alone, where victory is much more elusive. But one theme runs throughout the book: these are men for whom competitive hockey, its victories and its defeats, has served to strengthen their faith in the journey with Jesus Christ - Christ who is there with us through every struggle, through every victory and through every defeat - belief in a God who loves us.

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    Team Game

    This short Bible study will help you reach your full potential as a hockey player. It is an inside look at how many great players and coaches have handled the challenges of life and the game of hockey. They will inspire you to honour God as you develop your hockey skills and bring your best game to the team.  Team Game is a great resource for family devotional times, small group studies for interested people on your hockey team, or for personal Bible study. Pick up your copy today and dig into becoming the best team player you can be.

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     For the Fun of the Game

    "My passion for hockey comes from having fun..." Nick Holden/ Colorado Avalanche. For the Fun of the Game explores the importance of keeping fun in the game of hockey  and in life. This Bible study guide provides an inside look at  the importance of fun and faith in the lives and careers of NHL  Stars. Understanding their stories in relation to The Bible, will  provide you with tools that can help you on and off the ice.

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