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    "Chapels are a great spiritual input in my life especially since I miss church so much.
    It is great to be refreshed by the word of God as well as have a place where my teammates
    can connect and know that someone outside the team cares about them." 
    James Reimer, Detroit Red Wings

    "I believe the free services HMI has provided to ECHL member teams has been extremely beneficial to those clubs
    who have participated. Many of our coaches and players face various individual and collective challenges during
    the hockey season. We have found that the HMI Chapel Program provides many benefits, including the immediate access
    to chaplains that provide a wide range of emotional and spiritual support to players, coaches and their families." 
    Brian McKenna, Former Commissioner of the ECHL

    "Hockey Ministries has really helped me become closer with God. It's very hard to make it to
    church regularly being away from home and playing junior hockey with our schedule. I would definitely
    recommend every hockey player who has an opportunity to experience this to give it at least one shot."
    Alex Carpenter, Former European Professional Hockey Player