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    Adam McQuaid - Sharing his Faith

    September 9, 2018

    The following are quotes from Adam McQuaid from our Christian Hockey Camp in Prince Edward Island.

    On Hockey Ministries Chapel Program:“We, (Boston Bruin players who attend chapels) get together once a week to talk about a Bible passage. We get to know more about the Bible as we discuss what it means and how we can apply it to our lives.  We talk about anything that might be bothering us, like maybe we are not playing well or concerned about a possible trade or even being cut from the team... Chapels give us an opportunity to reassure one another and let each other know that we are there to help. We tell each other not to get down...if someone is down we get to pick him up. “

    Faith & hockey growing up: "My parents have a very strong faith. At a very young age they taught me who Jesus was...who God was... They told me that any time I had a worry or fear-something I didn’t feel right about-I could pray and that God would take care of me. Some mornings I was super nervous. My mom would pray with me before I went to school. I would leave the house feeling great. I didn’t feel alone. I knew God was with me. We all have things that we go through that make us scared. For me, I pray to God. He has always brought me through.

    I was a super shy kid. The only reason I played hockey was because my parents wanted me to make friends and to do something outside the house.

    Through all the ups and downs of my career in hockey, my faith is important. I continue to pray every day. Being a hockey player is so much more that what you do on the ice. Hockey does not define me. I want my legacy to be that I was a really good teammate-that I always worked hard-and that I was there for my friends. If you give respect you get respect back and that’s what friends do."

    How does your relationship with God compare with winning the Stanley Cup?

    "After winning the Cup, I was happy for a couple of weeks but then it was all gone. Life went on. New challenges came but through it all God was still there. Hockey does not define me. Life is more about your day to day interaction with people. How can you help people...reach out and be patient”

    On how to treat others: "We read stories in the Bible and learn about characteristics that Jesus has...He was sinless...we as humans have all sinned...He always put others first. He was super humble and He came to serve. Imagine what it would be like if we respected one another and took care of each other more than ourselves! We can make a difference in each other’s lives."