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    Camper Story: A Parent's Perspective

    April 7, 2013

    We love our camps. We believe they are the best hockey camps you could possibly go to. Hockey training for all aspects of a hockey players life: Body, Mind, and Soul. The complete camp where kids don't just learn to be better hockey players, but better friends, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and leaders. 


    Saying all of that.....we probably are biased (just a little). So, it's always nice when we get emails from parents that reaffirm the fact that we are not too crazy.

    A Parent's Feedback

    I wanted to let you know that we have wanted to register our son for your camp again and he was so looking forward to it.  However, we have been waiting to find out when he could return to hockey.  My son had a devastating head injury while playing hockey in a tournament in Marshfield, WI, on December 8th.  He has had many symptoms we have had to overcome, including dizziness, nausea, vision problems, 30 days of school missed, emotional challenges, in patient hospital care, etc.  We were told by the doctors yesterday that he is out of hockey for at least a year and they are not sure when or if ever he will get to play again. 

    I just wanted you to know that he gave his life to Christ at your camp last year and he has truly followed it.  His faith has carried him through this devastating time.  He has endured more than most adults could handle and he is only 10.  I wanted to let you know if he would have gone to just any old hockey camp he would not have had the strength to carry him through this recovery process.  He kept talking about going back to HMI this year, but will have to go to another type of camp.  He will never give up the love of hockey, but his love for the Lord will be the love that carries him through his life.  I pray that hockey will still be a channel for him to share his faith with others, but if God has another plan for him we will let God be our guide. 

    Please pray for Delfin Cruz to have a full recovery and to have a faith that God will carry him through.  I just hope all of your campers know that hockey is a temporary win, but faith in God is the eternal championship!  Thank you for helping to instill that faith in my son.

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