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    My parents encouraged me to follow Jesus from a young age but it was the idea
    of a personal relationship with Christ that inspired me to know Jesus and to live with
    His grace and by His Word every day. I have sought friendship with other athletes
    to help me further my journey. On the road, weekly team chapels and occasional
    sports chapels with other athletes serve as my church away from home. Making a
    daily priority of reading the Bible, listening to online sermons, and reading e-books
    also helps keep my faith growing and gives me something to lean on when times are

    My Christian faith has helped me to handle life’s bumps and to be thankful for
    each day, one day at a time – thankful that I get to play a game that I love, thankful
    for the pleasure of the little things in life, thankful for the strength to push through
    the struggles, trusting that all things happen for a reason and there’s a lesson to
    be learned in each struggle. It’s easy to get down and blame God and grow apart,
    but the only way out is to trust in the Lord and to know that He is working in my life,
    preparing me for whatever is to come.

    I pray before and after each game, giving thanks for the opportunity and ability to
    play this game. The Scriptures that guide me are Philippians 4:13 and Colossians
    3:23. They give me strength in times of weakness and drive when I’m thinking about
    giving up. They help me come to the rink daily, to give my best, and to believe that
    with God, I can accomplish anything.

    I think there are three great ways to establish a relationship with Christ: Get a
    good translation of the Bible and read it on a regular basis; go to church and meet
    with a small group of Christians regularly; and serve others by being like Jesus in
    the ways he lived and led people—putting others first, treating everyone the same,
    and allowing others to have the glory.