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  • May2Sun

    Expecting the Unexpected

    May 2, 2021

    By Rob Globke

    "Dear God, I never know what to expect from you; yet, I always know what to expect from you."" - Eugene Peterson

    Think of the games great players throughout history. Howe, Gretzky, Richard, Orr, Lemieux, and more. And even some of the more recent greats. Crosby, Ovechkin, Brodeur, Lidstrom, and more. When you pop on the tele or step into the rink to watch one of these guys play, you know what to expect. When they're on the ice, something good is going to happen. Yet, in some odd way, they still find ways to make you shake your head and say, "Wow! I never saw that coming." (I believe Ovi scored a goal on his back or something and Crosby might have scored an OT winner in the Olympics?)

    It's the same way with God leveled up a gajillion notches. God is unchanging. And we can always count on him to be good, loving, kind, patient, powerful, all knowing, merciful, just, and the list goes on. We always know what to expect with him when we get up in the morning. Yet, everyday there is something new we never expected which makes us shake our head and say, "Wow! Thank you God for this incredible gift that I never saw coming."

    We may have a hard time always seeing these unexpected gifts from God, but they are there nonetheless. We just have to stop long enough to open our eyes to find them. God is both sure and surprising. I hope you can take a moment this day or week to thank him for all the surprising gifts he's given in your life and trust that he doesn't change ... so you can always expect more!