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  • Oct4Sun

    God has a plan for your life

    October 4, 2020
    I gave my life to Jesus when I was 13 years old. I had a great upbringing in the
    church, but when I went away to university I lost my way and started putting other
    things ahead of Jesus. Before I knew it, I was living for myself and God wasn’t a part
    of my life anymore. I lived like that for two terrible years and I didn’t like the man I
    had become. One day I got down on my knees and prayed for forgiveness and asked
    God to take control of my life again. I stopped living for myself and started to seek
    Jesus again. Two weeks after praying that prayer I got the chance to play in the
    ECHL for the Idaho Steelheads on a Professional Try-Out, and it was the start of my
    professional hockey career.

    When I was living for myself, I lived for what pleased me in that moment. That’s a
    selfish and unfulfilling way to live—but when you give your life to Jesus, He begins
    to transform you by His grace through the Holy Spirit. Things you thought were
    important, or worries you had before, suddenly don’t seem to matter as much. It’s
    hard not to worry about the stresses of life, but Jesus takes that stress away when
    you give it to Him.

    My two favorite verses are Matthew 6:25-34, and Psalm 55:22. When you start to
    live for Jesus, you want to please Him—so that changed the way I live in a big way.
    It’s hard to change your ways and would be impossible without the grace of God—
    but when you put your faith in Him, nothing is impossible.

    God has a plan for your life, and when you’re living in His will you can’t lose.
    Pursue your dream of playing in the NHL, but make sure you pursue God first and
    let His will be done in your life. If you do your best to glorify God in everything you do,
    that’s what’s important.