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  • Psalm 117 is one of the shortest chapters in the whole Bible, but that doesn't mean it isn't full of some amazing truth. We will try to answer 3 questions today which will help us see the beauty found in Psalm 117.

    The first question --> "What? What are you supposed to do?"

    If you are ever wondering what to do in life….read Psalm 117. It makes things crystal clear in the first 3 words. It states, "Praise the Lord." The question is not whether or not you will praise or worship something. The question is what you will praise and worship. We were built to praise. This is the way God made us. The world is full of things and people to praise, but you will only find true joy, peace, hope, and love in praise of the LORD. Too often, we lose this focus and get sidetracked. Here are three things that will side track your worship if you are not careful:

    1. Ourselves
    It can become easy to think the world revolves around you. The world will often tell you that you are your first priority. It seems good, but it is completely false. When you catch yourself saying things like, "I'm so much better than that guy. Or, If this team didn't have me they would stink. Or, I should get what I deserve. Or, look what I have done...." then you might want to rethink where your devotion lies. Making yourself the center of praise is a bad place to be!

    2. Others
    There is a big difference between admiring an NHL star and worshipping an NHL star. You must keep in mind that when you strip away all the equipment, the TV, the uniform, and everything else, those NHL greats we all love are mere mortals like everyone else. They are human beings just like you and me. To place your complete devotion in another human being is a bad place to be!

    3. Other Things
    The world is full of objects which call for our attention. When was the last time you went 24 hours without looking at a phone, TV, or computer? How often have you longed for the piece of equipment that would make all the difference? A new stick. A new pair of wheels. Those nice new gloves. More than that, are you completely consumed by hockey itself? Are you worshiping hockey above everything? If hockey or any other earthly creation comes before the CREATOR, this is a bad place to be!

    The second question --> "Who? Who is supposed to praise the Lord?"

    Psalm 117 does not give us too many options on this question. In fact, it only leaves one option. It states that, "all nations....all peoples" should praise the Lord. You are not exempt. There is no skipping out. Whether you think you should or shouldn't is not even a question. Psalm 117 reminds everyone they are to praise the Lord. This means whether you are in the midst of blessing or in the midst of suffering, you must praise the Lord. This means whether you think you need God or you don't, you must praise the Lord. There are no other options left.

    The third question --> "Why? Why would you want to praise the Lord?"

    God could have easily said...."Because I told you to", but he didn't! He gave us more than just obedience to draw us to praise and worship him. He gave us some beautiful reasons which should lead us to praise him because He is so awesome! Verse 2 of Psalm 117 gives us those reasons:

    1. "Great is his steadfast love"
    When you think about the amazing love of God found in Jesus Christ, you can't help but to be drawn to praise and worship. God's love has been the same from the start. From day one until today and continuing until tomorrow, God will always Love you. He has proven it in the death of His Son Jesus Christ. Who else do you know would kill their own son for an enemy? Perhaps for a loved one, but never for an enemy. There is no one else on earth that will do that for you, but GOD DID! That is a thought which should lead to praise.

    2. "Faithfulness endures forever"
    There are many things in life that will let you down. Truthfully, at the end of the day, everything on earth will let you down. No thing, no person, not even yourself, can be completely faithful to you. Only God is completely faithful. That is a thought that should lead to praise!

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