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  • Mar7Thu

    Sharpening your "Blades"

    March 7, 2013

    If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge,he must use more strength,but wisdom helps one to succeed.-- Ecclesiastes 10:10

    The game of hockey is played on a set of two blades. Each of these blades is made up of two very sharp knives. For those in the hockey world, we know them as our inside and outside edges. These four edges are the foundation of the game. Without these edges, we can't turn. We can't push off to take our stride. We would even have a very hard time gliding down the ice very well. It's clear to see how important these four edges can be. 

    After reading this verse, we are reminded just how important a hockey player's blades can be. Many pro players spend a large chunk of time making sure their blades are just right. They know that if the blades get dull bad things begin to happen. What are some of these things you ask??? Well, let's see:
    • When your blades are dull you have to exert more energy to make turns or your feet will slip from under you
    • When your blades are dull you have to push harder to skate because you can't grip the ice as well
    • When your blades are dull you don't stop as fast and may miss out on an important play
    • When your blades are dull you don't have as much confidence on the ice because you are thinking so much about staying on your feet. You don't feel balanced.

    The bottom line is dull blades cause us to work harder to go slower with less confidence. That is not a recipe for success in a hockey game. We will say it again, taking care of your four edges is vitally important for the game of hockey.

    What does this have to do with life?
    Well, if you think about it, our life with God can be a lot like your hockey skates. We have times when we are razor sharp and spending time with Him and His word just works well. Our minds are clear. We are alert and ready. But then....oh, but then.....Life gets in the way. We become busy with school, work, friends, and a bunch of other things. The end result is that we become dull like our skates when we use them a lot. We become less effective at doing the things we should be doing and instead run around working really hard trying to keep up. This is where the beauty of  Ecclesiastes 10:10 comes in.

    Ecclesiastes 10:10 - A new approach
    This verse tells us it is smarter to spend the time to make sure we are taking care of our "equipment". It is much wiser to stop and recharge, refocus, or just sharpen our tools because if we don't, we end up working much harder than we need to. Ecc. 10:10 tells us that we end up using more energy and effort by trying to walk through life without stopping to take care of the mind and body God has given us. Don't be like that hockey player who never sharpens his skates and wonders why he falls on the break away. Sharpen your heart and mind like you would your skates so you are ready for all that God has for you.

    What do you do to keep you life sharp and ready for the Lord?
    Have you been neglecting taking the time to resharpen your tools?
    Do you need to take a step back from certain things in your life?