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    Stories from Around the Rink - 2/14/2014

    February 14, 2014

    Glen Wesley discusses what it's like watching his son, Josh, develop as a player (Video)

    “You don’t really think about it as a dad, but I guess in the back of your mind, you’re always hoping that the day will come where, it’s been his dream and it’s what he’s wanted to do,” Glen said. “He loves the game, and most of all, he’s worked hard for getting in the position he’s at right now. The only advice I gave to him was continue to push yourself up the ladder and be the best you can be every night, because there will always be someone watching.”

    Do Game Winning Goals Matter?

    "Game-winning goals, it turns out, is just a lazy statistic that probably makes itself most useful for inflated contract negotiations." Well then, I guess you will have to find out why they feel so strongly!

    Scoring First - Does it Matter?

    Another stats based article. Makes you appreciate how important it is to be ready from the start of the game.

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