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  • This installment of "Around the Rink" features something for everybody. Whether you are a stats guru, hockey parent, or just like an inside look at one of our friends, you can find it below.

    The high cost of youth hockey....on both your body and your wallet.
    "Go to any elite tournament on a late Sunday afternoon, you’ll be sure to see a bunch of young men come off the ice who look as though they’ve been run into the ground. These are kids, barely teenagers, who need ice baths and chiropractors on a regular basis. And it’s wrong."

    Comparing players not as easy as you think.

    "Hockey fans love to debate with other fans about which players are better, and stats are often the center of the argument.  Over the past five years, the hockey stats community has been turned on its head by the advanced stats movement.  Corsi, Fenwick, PDO, and other numbers are changing the way that people compare NHL players."

    One of our chapel attenders and HMI friends: Derek Rodwell

    It's always nice to see an article about those close to the ministry. This is a nice write up.

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