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  • Check out this post from, Don Richmond, HMI Staff member and Chapel Leader in B.C. Here shares some great insights and the importance of prayer for the hockey player.

    "One of the pressures that many hockey players feel is the reality of making a team roster and sticking there.  Whether in pros or juniors,  pretty much every time someone is added to a team, someone will be going.  With a set amount of players on a roster, for most guys it is a lot of work just to stay with their clubs.  The pressures at trading deadlines, draft days, training camps is very stressful on not only players but also their families.  (I have to admit, there have been times unfortunately when parents have added more stress not less….)  This pressure is pretty much unavoidable, it just a part of the game that we all accept.

    I have a name for this process: I call it The Domino Effect.  When player movement happens, it’s fairly certain that someone at the end of the row falls off somewhere.  That is where I pray for strength for the guys in this great game, so that they can face the realities of what it means to be a hockey player.

    That’s one of many reasons why chapel is such a great resource for hockey teams.  The team bonding, the prayer huddle, the discussion is really a lifeline and a stabilizing factor for them.  I am so glad to serve this hockey club in the way that I do.  I pray that it affects the guys for the rest of their lives."

    Read the rest of the article here......

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