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    Understanding Faith

    July 2, 2015

    At the final huddle of camp, I have made the habit of simply going around the group and asking what each camper will be taking away with them from their week at hockey camp. You get a wide array of answers, many with substance. This week I had an awesome group who were willing to talk and more than willing to have fun. They all were so uniquely wired it made for an interesting week. Through it all, we had some powerful conversations. Conversations that moved me, taught me, and challenged me. Hopefully, it did the same among the campers. As we went around the group at our final huddle answers varied but the common theme was the parallel around hockey and God. One camper said, “We don’t have all the answers but God does. And we don’t need to know all the answers to have faith in Him.”

    In another huddle time, the topic of creation came up. One camper was unsure of whether it was a believable scenario or not. The question of what created God came up and honestly it was a difficult question to answer. I discussed Genesis 1 and the phrase “In the beginning God…” I explained how the presence of God stands out to me. Other campers talked about time, and how God was outside it. All interesting conversation but at the end of the talking, it was clear the camper who asked the questions was still mulling it over. This camper was the same camper who said the statement above in response to what he was going to take away from camp. How powerful! You see, as we walk with Christ, not everything has to be clear. Things do not always make sense. They may never make sense. Yet, having the right perspective and right heart leads you to the bigger picture which is faith in God.

    There has been a few times when a coach will vocalize things that I have not understood. Things maybe I originally disagreed with. In reality though, that coach has had years of experience and knows the game better than most. So, when time goes by and trust increases, the things which didn’t make sense slowly or suddenly start making sense. Sometimes it just takes time to see what the coach was meaning.

    This is likewise in our faith. As we walk in our faith, things do not always appear sensible. Things to do not always make sense. When I was an unbeliever, the Great Flood was a story I scoffed at. Even when I came to know Jesus, there were things I doubted and did not understand. But the more I sought, the more I put my trust in Christ, the more I leaned on Him, these things became real. And obviously as I continue to walk there are things that I still do not completely understand or know but that is what makes God beautiful.

    There is a bigger picture at play here. The creation story is a perfect example of this truth. When God created the earth it was with a purpose. As a part of that, He made us with a purpose. We are a part of History. We dont always have to understand the situations or challenges in our life, but we have to have faith in Him and His purpose for us. Our first reaction might be to doubt or criticiae, or maybe give up, but keep your eyes fixed on your purpose. You’re made in HIs image. As truth seeks you, seek truth so that things may become real to you. Take the time, and have the perspective that will let you have an “aha!” moment with God. Catch His presence and accept His love. Admit you might not have all the answers but don’t let that damage your faith. Remain faithful, because the God who created the world also created you, and He is in control.

    Until Next Time,

    The Intern

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