During CHCI Summer Camp in Minnesota 2012, the campers, staff, and anybody else who was there thought it would be a good idea if we spent 10 minutes as a group to lift up another hockey player who was recently paralyzed in a game. His name was Jack Jablonski and for those that don't know the story, you can read all about it on Jack's Website. We prayed simply to ask God for His hand in the situation. We prayed because we wanted to see a fellow hockey player experience the Peace and Love of God in a difficult time.

    When we prayed, we never expected anything in return. We expected to give something to someone who really needed it: Petition to God. Silly Us!! Little did all of us at Hockey Ministries know a few months later when we received a very special thank you from Jack Jablonski. While reading the short note we realized how powerful prayer could be.....not just for those we pray for, but for our very own souls. 

    The Jack Jablonski Thank You Note

    Please pray for Hockey Ministries International as we seek to show the Hockey World Christ and His Love.