This is the first installment of a series of stories focused on the life and times of an HMI Christian Hockey Camper. The series will give you a sneak peek at what an HMI Camper thinks about camp and what they do during the year away from the camp life. We hope you enjoy!

    The stats

    Name: Carter Greco
    Age: 9 years old
    Camp: HMI Alaska
    Team: Palmer Pioneers Squirt B
    Shoots: Left

    What is your favorite part of camp?

    My favorite part of camp was "Ballfield Time" because we played a game called Newcomb. You can play with 50 people or just 8 people.  Also, getting the "Play to Win New Testament Bible" was really cool.  When doing nightly devotionals I got to read about NHL players that I look up too, like Jarome Iginla.

    What was your favorite memory of camp?

    During Chapel time when other teammates asked Jesus in their heart.  It was really cool when  my friends Gracie & Cale both told me that they were going to go ask Jesus in their hearts.

    What did you learn at camp?

    I learned on the ice how to be encouraging and positive to others.  The coaches made it easy to learn a new drill by explaining and answering questions if we didn't understand. When I get in a frustrating situation I can remember the coaches and their attitudes towards us and try to be more like them. To have patience and be encouraging instead of getting upset or cutting someone down.  Off the ice I learned a game during dryland where we had a wash cloth tucked in our sides and we used quick turns and moves to try and protect our cloth.  Learning these new games has helped me be a better friend.  When a group of us all gets together and people start arguing on what each one wants to play I have been able to teach them a new game from camp.  Many of my friends play hockey and when I tell them it was from dryland my friends think that the game is even more cool.  Then my friends and I have a blast playing the games.

    How is HMI Hockey Camp different from other camps?

    HMI Hockey Camp is different from other camps because it is like two camps in one.  It is a summer camp plus an awesome hockey camp all put together in one week.  The ice time felt like I was with my own team practicing.  It was like we all had been skating together for a season with all the coaches and players. 

    How has HMI Hockey Camp helped you during your season?

    At camp I learned a lot about God and my relationship with Him.  After all ice time we got together and prayed on the ice.  This has helped me this season to remember to pray on and off the ice.  Whether I am faced with a tough situation on or off the ice or I am given a blessing on or off the ice I remember to pray and ask for guidance & pray and be thankful.

    What have you been doing in your time away from the rink this year?

    In the beginning of this hockey season a parent from my team taught me how to make a paracord bracelet.  So, over Thanksgiving I made about 20 bracelets for all my family, Aunts, Uncles, cousins & Grandma too.  Everyone thought they were really cool and said I should try and sell them.  I thought that if I did sell them I would want to use the money towards something good.  I knew I would tithe on the first 10% and needed to figure out what to do with the rest.   I really wanted to give back to HMI Hockey Ministries because they share God's love through playing hockey. So, I decided that I would give some of the proceeds to HMI Hockey Ministries in hopes that more kids can learn about God.

    I then started experimenting with making zipper pulls, luggage tags and key chains.  I made 10 and sold to my cousin's basketball team,  around 15 to my other cousins baseball team and a handful for my Dad's coworkers.  Next, I created a camera wrist strap and sold to my Aunt and our music director and church.  My little brother, Kinan, wanted to learn how to make a key chain so I began to teach him.  He and I made lots of key chain/zipper pulls to give away to Military Soldiers whenever we see them.  

    From mom:
    Carter began making paracord zipper pulls, luggage tags, bracelets and camera wrist straps for friends and family in 2013.  He then taught Kinan [his younger brother] everything he knows and the two of them started a little business.  The boys have chosen to use proceeds to “give back”.  They will be tithing, sending part to HMI (Hockey Ministries) and putting money back in to continue building their business. They love giving paracord items out as Thank You’s too. They have zipper pulls that they pass out to all Military whenever they come across a Soldier.

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