1)    Go to the right rink...On Saturday I raced to the arena for 2:00 PM puck drop. For several minutes I stood in the entrance alongside the playing surface looking for my grandson. I carefully scanned the ice and scrutinized the bench. No sign of # 9. After a few minutes of serious reflection it dawned on me that neither team resembled my grandson’s team. Conclusion... I was at the wrong rink. Quick exit. Scrambled back to the car and headed for the next option. Fast Facts: Right rink this time; # 9 and his team were playing; First period nearly over. Score 4 to 1; Very late but...at least I was there. ...oh and one other thing it’s one thing for a you to show up late at the wrong rink but if you ever you happen to be honoured to drive your grand child to his game...plan ahead...get clear directions to the right rink...leave real early to avoid your young grandson or granddaughter having a heart attack on the way because you are not only lost but late as well.

    2)    Be Supportive...Observe carefully looking for good plays and strong efforts in your grandchild. Sometimes the small moves that impact the game go unnoticed. Speak positively about these plays and give a quiet word of encouragement while buying him/her a post-game refreshment at the snack bar. Be light-hearted and remind your young player that the game is about having fun, making friends and enjoying life.

    3)  Say a Quiet Prayer...during the game for safety, good attitudes, team-work and a positive uplifting time for all players.

    “It rejoices like a great athlete eager to run the race.” (God’s portrait of an athlete. Psalm 19)

    “When you are having fun you put so much more effort into it...if you are happy and having fun you are going to be the most confident you can be.” Nick Holden, New York Rangers