During today's post, we look at a few ways to make line changes more successful and less chaotic. Assuming you read the last post (link), we will take it for granted that you do indeed feel a line change is important to do. So, without further ado, we take a look at some tips on "how" to actually do a ine change

    1. Going into the offensive Zone

    Generally, you want to make your line changes while the puck and your team are heading into the offensive zone. This is extremely hard and goes against what most players naturally want to do. We all want to score. Most people like offense. We want to be a part of putting points on the board. It is very difficult at times to make this a habit.
    The reason why we change going into the offensive zone is because we don't want to leave our teammates at a disadvantage when trying to defend our goal. Put another way, it is less dangerous & risky to change going on offense then it is when going back on defense. Plus, goalies really don't like it when you leave them out to dry!!

    2. With Energy

    Every Coach would tell you, "Change hard!" Many coaches require their players to skate just as hard to the bench as they would if chasing down the puck. Changing lines with energy and speed is critical for preventing mistakes. Skating to the bench hard will ensure that you don't interrupt your team's positioning and it will allow your teammate to get up into the play faster. The game of hockey moves so fast, you need every split second you can spare. The game of hockey moves at such a pace where every inch of ice is valuable. It is these seconds and inches that often make the difference between winning and losing. 

    3. With Awareness

    Do you think Coach likes penalties? We think not. Too Many Men On The Ice penalties are a result (most of the time) of players not being ready for a change or not being aware of who they are supposed to change for. Just because you are on the bench doesn't mean you are not an active part of the game. Being on the bench does not mean you can day dream of where you will go to eat after the game. In a hockey game, you must be alert and ready at all times. When your line is called to change, you have to know who the person is that you are changing for. You need to pay attention to what is happening so that you are ready to step into the action when your teammate comes for a change. Don't make the lazy mistakes of something that you can easily control. PAY ATTENTION for successful line changes.

    Hope you enjoyed the 2 part series on line changing. This doesn't get covered in much detail too many places, so we thought you would enjoy it. Don't be shy and let us know how you like the posts and blog do far.