Psalm 40:1
    "I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.......he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand."

    For anybody that has ever learned how to skated (I guess that would be anybody who can skate), it can be a very frustrating experience. You feel unsure, unstable. One wrong twist or move, and boom, you are down before you know what happened. There are moments when your patience is razor thin. You are sick of all wipeouts. You're sick of holding onto something for support and just want the surety of a solid footing so you can experience the thrill of moving with freedom apart from the fear of falling.
    So, what is the solution?

    You can quit and move onto something less frustrating. Or, you can continue in patience until slowly, but surely, you gain the firm footing you were looking for. One is easy the other is hard. One brings about enjoyment that lasts for a long time, the other leaves you wondering what might have been.

    Life can often be a lot like learning how to skate. There are days when we wonder where God is and our patience wears thin. We wonder if our life will ever have stability. When we find ourselves in this state, verses like Psalm 40:1 are just the remedy. It is a picture of learning how to skate in real life.

    The recipe: Persist, Wait, Trust

    Persist in crying to God when you feel times of Instability:
    Just as we shouldn’t so easily give up when learning how to skate brings trials, we shouldn’t quit calling out to God when life brings uneasy circumstances

    Wait patiently
    Be patient. You don’t learn how to skate in a day. Often times, life doesn’t get fixed in a day either...although it can. Wait patiently for God and in the waiting you will eventually find yourself on solid ground

    Trust that He will eventually place you on a solid rock and give you a firm place to stand. He already has by sending His Son, Jesus Christ and He will continue to give us a foundation until that day when every tear will be wiped away. God is faithful and will do it.