These are a few notes from our President, Don Liesemer, on some steps in approaching a difficult situation in the hockey setting: bad language from a leader of the team.

    We hope you find some value in this wise advice if you find yourself in this particular situation:

    1 - Find out more information

    The parent should first try to see if there are other parents who share the concern.

    2 - Pray

    The parent must pray much and (seek prayer support from others) for the individual and his language. Maybe they will be convicted through the prayers of the saints.

    3 - Approach the Individual in Grace

    If after praying the parent is led to talk to the individual that it be done as a concerned parent and not in a confrontational or judgmental way...something like: “I don’t want to offend you in any way but I have a bit of a concern about some of the words you use at times around my child. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. I know that in the heat of action you may not realize sometimes the expressions you choose. You have a real impact on the players. They look up to you as a leader and model.”

    4 - Keep your cool

    The parent must keep his/her cool during the meeting with the individual...

    5 - See how your child is doing

    The parent should discuss with his/her child the concern about the language  but not inform him that there is going to be a discussion with the coach.