Ten pithy sayings from John Witherspoon, Scottish Presbyterian pastor, President of Princeton (1768-1794), and signer of the Declaration of Independence, on parental authority and child rearing:

    "Glen, the team's leading goal scorer last year, is going to miss the Nittany Lions' next three games starting with Saturday's contest against No. 2 Boston College. It's all part of a sacrifice he's making for a teammate he's never met and may never know."

    One of the quotes in the interview..."I think God has a plan for everybody, and I just followed it."

    "I remember signing my first contract. I was 19 years old. It's kind of a little bit unbelievable … that's every kid's dream, to sign a contract, and I remember going out that night to a bar, getting drunk, making a bad decision and waking up the next morning feeling like the worst piece of crap ... I was letting people down, letting God down..."

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