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    #5 - More than just a hockey player
    #2 - Meet Awesome Friends

    You can learn about hockey at any hockey camp. We would argue that we have some of the best coaches and pro volunteers around (link to blog post on reason #3), but any way you slice training is very abundant. Just take a glance at your local hockey newspaper or search the internet and you will find tons, TONS, of camps claiming to improve your skills on the ice. This is great. This is awesome. At HMI we are totally on board with this because hockey is such a great game and everybody should learn to play it the best they possibly can.

    However, and this is a big however, what is lacking are hockey camps where you learn about more than just hockey. Even though we love hockey, we believe that there is something better and more important in life. This is why we believe our camps are so special. They are special because you learn about hockey AND you get to learn about Jesus Christ.

    This is the #1 reason you should come to an HMI Christian Hockey Camp.

    Why is this so important? Why is having the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ the best reason to come to camp? Why do you need to even have that at hockey camp?

    Well, there are many reasons, but let's just focus on a few.

    1. Hockey Will Not Last Forever!

    Hockey will not last forever. At some point, you will be too old to play, not good enough to play, or lose interest in playing. This is a hard pill to swallow, but it is the truth. The joys of hockey won't always be there. The fulfillment of hockey won't always be there. The hope you have through hockey won't always be there. There will come a point when hockey can't provide what you need. 
    But, there is one who will always, forever, eternally be able to provide you with complete hope, joy, and fulfillment. One who will always be there...not just in this life, but in the one to come as well. This person is Jesus Christ. Hockey matters in the short term. Jesus Christ matters for eternity. This is why knowing him, believing in him, and growing closer to him is so vital. It is of more lasting value.

    2. Jesus Christ should be the Center of ALL Things in your Life

    The Bible is a story. The central figure in the story is Jesus Christ. He is the whole point of the Bible. It's all about him. Our goal is to use this story by applying it's truth to our lives....not just on Sundays or over Christmas....but, in EVERY aspect of our life. This most definitely includes hockey. So, if applying the truths of Jesus Christ in your life to grow closer to him is the goal, why not go to a hockey camp where you can learn about connecting Jesus to your life in hockey? Life is not separate parts sectioned off. Life is a mix of many things blended together. Within this mix, Jesus should be the central figure in every part.

    Those are just 2 reasons why learning about Jesus at a hockey camp is pretty important. There are many more, but you will just have to come to camp to find them out!! We hope you consider coming to a camp that is more than just about hockey

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