We have all been there. Moments in life that you just want to forget. Phases that last what seems like an eternity. Perhaps you are not playing as much as you want. Or, your teammates have been picking on you from day 1 for your beliefs. Maybe you just seem to keep making mistakes in key situations. No matter what it may be, it's not an enjoyable place to live life.

    Although never easy to get out of a slump, today we are going to look at 3 words which will hopefully help get you through the rocky road.

    The 3 P's

    This first "p" word is the foundation for when things starting going sideways. The funny thing is, most people totally forget about this when the world is falling around you. We tend to try all sorts of our own methods only to realize we end up much worse than before. Prayer has to be the start when, as David proclaims, "we are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death." James 1:5 tells us that if we lack wisdom on how to face difficult trials we should ask God. Not only will we gain insight into our situation at hand, but God supplys the power and strength to get us through when we can't ourselves. When we try to go through tough times without prayer, it is like skating without skates. It just doesn't work. So first, we must PRAY. Read James 1:5, Phil. 4:6-7

    Next, we look to the word Patience. Most hockey players are hard workers. We like to get the job done by any means necessary. For many, being patient is like living away from the rink.....not possible. We would rather take action against our problems and conquer our struggles by sheer force of will. This may work for a time, but we end up exhausted and eventually meeting a struggle that we just can't defeat. Thus, enter patience. Patience is not simply accepting your plight, but it is seeing the benefit the is being produced through our trials. God is not in the business of giving us whatever we want. He is in the business of molding us into Christ like people that know what we need. And sometimes, waiting patiently through a difficult time allows us to grow closer to God. It's not easy, but it is ultimately what is best because those who remain steadfast will receive a glorious crown Read James 1, Romans 5:1-4

    Finally, we end up on perseverance. Now, perseverence may seem the same as patience, but we are using it a little differently in this context. By perseverance, we simply mean the idea of continuing on without hanging your head and giving up. More than that, we mean carrying on so that others see your JOY as James 1:4 says. When life gives you lemons it is not appealing for those around you to watch you pucker up and sour to all of life. Perserverance means we don't become big ol grumps, but instead live life as if we are waiting for so much more in the midst of trials. It is ok to smile. It is beneficial to keep on living and not sulking at the end of the bench or in the locker room. Perseverance reminds us to stay away from complaining because we are in it for the long haul. No minor blip in the road is going to stop us from being beacons of light in the world. Thus, it is our charge to you to pray, be patient, and perservere and let the Hope of Christ dwell in your hearts. Read Psalm 91

    We hope that encourages you today as you face the various trials in your life!!