This is the second article in the series of the Top 5 reasons you might want to come to HMI Hockey Camp.

    Reason #4 - You do so much more than work have fun.

    There are very few people who actually like power skating. There are also very few people who like dryland training or training in the weight room. Most hockey players do these things in order to prepare themselves as best as they can for the upcoming season. Many players do these things so they become better at the game they love. Training is not something players always want to do, but it is something that any serious hockey needs to do.

    Thus, hard work in hockey is very important. This is why we encourage and challenge campers to work hard. To push themselves. To move beyond their comfort zone. We want to see each and every hockey player leave camp better than when they skated in. Hard work is one way to see this happen.

    However, hard work needs to be balanced by some good ol' fashioned fun. ( least that's what we think)

    We realize the importance of hard work, but at HMI Hockey Camp we also value the amount of fun kids have at camp. Hard work without a proper dose of fun mixed in is just plain cruel. If all we did at camp was "work, work, work" without any fun, we would be facing a mutiny...and believe us...we definitely don't want that.

    Just think. 
    • Is it better to spend 60 minutes on the agility ladder with kids getting bored and tired after 30 minutes or to spend 30 minutes of hard work on the agility ladder with 30 minutes of practicing that agility trying to dodge a bunch of balls in a game of dodgeball?
    • Is it better to run for one hour doing sprints or is it better to work on some sprints and then test your speed in a game of floor hockey?
    • Is it better to skate with no pucks for an hour of power skating or play small puck games while working on power skating technique?
    We don't know the answer scientifically, but we do know kids have a weird way of "going hard" if you turn something into a game. By adding a dash of fun to the hard work element, you have the perfect combination. A combination uniquely provided at HMI Hockey Camp.

    We invite you to work hard AND have fun this summer. You will be glad you did.

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