The #5 reason you should attend an HMI Christian Hockey Camp is because you are treated as a person, not just a hockey player.
    Yep, we said it. We love hockey, we even love hockey players. But, you happen to be more than just a hockey player. There are many hockey camps in the world where the focus is simply HOCKEY. While this is not always a bad thing, it is only half the equation. You play hockey, but hockey should not define you. At HMI Christian Hockey Camp, we try to run our camps with the whole person in mind. Yes, you will get some of the best training around both on and off the ice (more on this later!!). Yes, you will learn new hockey skills. Yes, you will be encouraged to work as hard as you can.
    It won't stop there. You will also be challenged to have fun playing other off ice games like dodgeball or ultimate frisbee. You will have a chance to talk about life, about things other than hockey. You will be stretched mentally and spiritually. In essence, you will be treated like a person, and not JUST a hockey player.
    To come to a camp that improves your life as well as your game, register today by clicking the link below:

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