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    Marc's story continues with more concussion problems....

    It's Good thing I found Jesus Christ, at the end of my rookie season in the NHL because I got another concussion and I felt pretty bad. I only played 18 games during the lock-out the next season and my symptoms came back. As of now, I am still not sure if I’m going to start the at the beginning of next season. All of this only to tell you that God gave me hope during this whole time and still gives me hope. I am aiming to start next season strongly and have faith that I can do that with God’s help. One of the things I learned also reading the Word is that God has a plan for us and I am willing to follow it. He knows better than anybody what’s good and not good for you and your future. This truth has helped me accept my situation since I believe he has a bigger plan and I’m a part of it. I’m not going to lie; it’s hard for me not to compete. I love hockey and sacrificed a lot for it, but if ever I cannot play anymore for any reason, well, I know God’s got something better in his mind for me. I know that what he has for me is going to make me happy and joyful. I might not understand why or where or how right now but I trust Him and that’s why it helps accepting my injury.

    There have been some major and minor changes in my life since the start of my journey. I’d say most of them are minor; a bunch of little things I decided to change but at the end it makes a major difference in a person’s life. The one big thing that my relationship with God provided me is a constant feeling of fulfillment. Every day I feel like my life has a sense, I feel like I’m going somewhere and I’m working on myself for a reason. That’s something that feels like the day I got drafted in the NHL or the day I scored my first NHL goal or some other highlights in my hockey career or in my life, but this feeling lasts all day every day. I don’t feel like I could have gone through all my injuries and other bumps in my Christian life without God’s help when I was at my lowest. I also don’t think I could have gone through my successful moments without God’s help, without God’s words, our relationship. I know he is there listening to my prayers before every important moment in my life, before every game I played in the NHL and in the AHL in the last 2 seasons. I also know his arms are wide open and he receives my prayer as I send them towards him when I’m struggling and I need somebody to chat with. It’s not that I don’t have any friends or that my family doesn’t listen to me. They do and they are great at it, but a relationship with God is always there when I need it.

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