The world says: You have to look the part. Hide anything that makes it seem like you don't have it all together. Self-reliance and self-confidence are the keys to getting what you need. Give the impression you are successful through and through and you will succeed.

    There is not need of God. You are generally a good person. See all the good things you do. How dare anyone say you are deficient in some aspect. Believe in yourself!

    The Bible says: Standing face to face with a Holy God, you are found lacking. You aren't as good as you might think you are. There is a spiritual bankruptcy which you can't fix on your own. If you want to succeed, you don't celebrate yourself ... you deny yourself (Mark 8:34).

    You don't seek to be first but last (Matthew 20:16) When trying out for a spot on a top team in a top league, the world says to "stuff the stat sheet". Show the GM how good you are. Send in video and highlights.

    When standing before heaven's GM (GOD) as you plead to enter into his team (Kingdom), you soon realize that the very first step is to humbly submit that you are spiritually insufficient to even begin playing. You might try to show him your "stat sheet" of how good you are, but soon realize even the very best stats fall short of the requirement. Instead, there is nothing left but to cry out to him ... "I'm poor in spirit".

    It is only then, when we admit we are spiritually empty, that room is created for Christ to enter in.