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    Where are you looking?

    February 7, 2022

    By Rob Globke

    "Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the reign of King Herod. About that time some wise men from eastern lands arrived in Jerusalem."

    Matthew 2:1

    Just the last 3 words in Matthew 2:1 got me thinking...

    I was playing in England when Prince William married Kate back in 2011. Talk about obsessed. Media, everyone. It was all anyone thought of or talked about. My wife included! And when I think about a big royal event in human terms ... I suppose this is how it should be. A royal wedding, a coming king, the beginning of a new kingdom would all naturally bring the spotlight, the "bright lights". I probably would do the same!

    If America ever got a king and I was in charge, I'm not setting up shop for the inauguration party in Muncie, Indiana. (I'm sorry if you're from Muncie!)The wise men went to where they assumed a king would be...Jerusalem. By human standards, this was the right move. Go to the big city. Go to where all the eyes usually look. That's where he'll be. Yet, he wasn't.

    He was in a lowly manger in a small town far from the "bright lights". The humble KING instead was the light who came in the darkness of obscurity. God in the flesh chose what is foolish to shame the wise, what is weak to shame the strong, what is low to bring to nothing the things that are. (1 Cor. 1). He works in ways that make us scratch our heads at times!

    So much in our culture, the hockey culture, expects you to seek after the "bright lights". Make it to the show, get the contract that pays big bucks, have a certain following on social media, have a platform, be famous, and the list goes on. The "bright lights" and all that comes with them are not bad, but often the pursuit of these things is what pulls you from the heart of a God who chose to begin his life on earth a different way.

    Don’t get so focused on chasing after what the world deems is important that you miss the humble KING waiting in the places often overlooked. His way, while not always flashy or famous, will bring far more life than the “bright lights” the world puts on offer.