In this week's equipment corner is a short, but pretty good video with some excellent points on taking care of your hockey skates. It is vital that you care for your skates the best you can, especially since they cost SO MUCH MONEY. But also, because you rely on this piece of equipment more than any other. A player's skating ability is a key factor in their enjoyment of the game and is usually a key piece of your skill set as you move up levels.

    The video below has some great points. Here are three we really enjoyed:

    #1 - Know Your Skates
    The video mentions the importance of regularly inspecting your wheels. Yes, this should be done before every practice and game. And, probably should be done before you get to the rink in case you do need to take care of something. Nobody wants to miss a period or more because they didn't take time to get something fixed before the game started.

    #2 - Maintain Your Skates
    This is similar to the above point, but it goes beyond that a little bit. Part of owning skates is keeping them sharp. Over time they will get dull. It would be nice to go a year without paying the $5-10 for a sharpening or new laces, but it's not realistic. Some people like really sharp skates, others don't mind if they aren't so sharp. Either way, take the time to regularly maintain your skates.

    #3 - Put Away Your Skates
    Finally, the video mentions some great points about what you should do with your skates when your done on the ice. This step, more than any other, will do more for keeping your skates and blades in the best working condition for the longest time. Of course, it's easy to chuck them in the bag as soon as they come off your feet, but it leads to more work in the long run. We wouldn't leave the pucks on the ice after practice and let the zamboni guy pick them up, so don't do the same with your skates. Put them away properly.

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