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Questioning God in the Storms of Life :: Mark 4:35-41
A Clean Sheet
September 3, 2014
We all will face storms in life. Storms which makes us question if God really cares about us. But in Mark 4, Jesus reminds us that He lives above the storms. [READ MORE]
Adam: The Man Who Wanted More
A Clean Sheet
September 3, 2014

By Joe Smith Are you satisfied? That’s a full question and it can take on many forms; appetite, on ice performance, artistic creation, job placement. How about just life in general?... [READ MORE]

Isaiah: Mr. Blister Face
A Clean Sheet
August 27, 2014
Our failure makes the grace of God shine bright. This is part of the characters from the Bible series which appears every Wednesday. [READ MORE]
Hope for Hockey
Help give hope to the world of hockey with $1 a day. Click more to find out how you can help.
Twitter Updates
»   #prayforhockey as the 2014-15 chapel season begins. Please join us as we seek to equip players, teams, and fans with a message of hope.

»   Our chapels for over 250 teams across the world start up in the next few months. Please join us in praying for the season. #prayforhockey

»   The what, how, and why of sharing your faith - {view link}

»   Don Liesemer Jr. sharing in a #sportsspectrum podcast {view link}

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